We Help Overwhelmed Parents Create Happier Homes


For stressed parents with kids ages 3 to 15 who have:

  • strong-willed personalities

  • defiant behaviors

  • learning differences

  • social-emotional challenges 

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The training made an extraordinary difference in my parenting and relationship with my son. Truly life-changing.
Single dad of 12 year old boy

At a Glance:
What Makes Us Unique

  • Tailored Trainings

  • Subject Experts

  • Created with Parents

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  • Proven Results

  • Lasting Change

  • Supported by Science

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Specialized Help:
When Parenting is Painful

Our caring experts support overwhelmed and stressed parents who:


  • frustrated

  • alone

  • guilty

  • hopeless

  • resentful

  • regret


  • with a "differently wired" or "difficult" child

  • to find solutions


  • difficult or traumatic childhoods

  • unhealthy family relationships

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Personal Story:
Mom of two boys, ages 10 and 12, shares how Parenting by Design helped change her life and find joy again.

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Our personalized guidance will help your family even if other programs haven't worked. 

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Our Outcomes:
Proven Results, Lasting Change

  • Healthier ways to resolve conflict

  • Cooperation without bribing, shaming or nagging 

  • Less yelling and threatening

  • Replace frustration with patience and empathy

  • Less rage and defiance

  • Stronger relationships

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What Inspired Parenting by Design

I’m a mom who has been where you are right now — battling overwhelm, guilt, and frustration. 

I had a difficult childhood and my two kids are super strong-willed. Despite my struggles, I learned how to build a happy home. I want to help you do the same. 


I blend best practices from a variety of disciplines into my life as a mom and my work with parents: 


  • Being an athlete and coach revealed how nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, and self-talk impact performance.


  • In my work with at-risk kids, I learned to get cooperation through playfulness and empathy.


  • As an actor, I honed my facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice to communicate.

These skills – and others – apply to parenting. After all, parenting is a performance endeavor.

As a Certified Parent Educator with a Masters in Teaching from Brown University, I have seen that parents need personalized help. That’s why I created Parenting by Design – to give each family the specific ingredients they need to thrive.

I have helped hundreds of struggling parents and I’d be honored to help you, too. Let’s get started!

With love,

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One-on-One Guidance

Designed for parents who only want:

  • Private help



One 90-minute session each week:

  • In-depth advice for your unique circumstances


Program Length: 12 weeks

Meet online via Zoom 

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All-Inclusive Guidance

Designed for parents who want:

  • Private help

  • Support group of parents

  • Training by subject experts

Three 60-minute sessions each week:

  • one private call

  • one small group training

  • one subject expert presentation

Program Length: 12 weeks

Meet online via Zoom

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At a Glance:
Tailored Programs

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