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Mom is embracing her daughter.

Personalized, expert help when parenting is incredibly difficult

Tailored Guidance
Designed for Overwhelmed Parents:

  • Feeling frustrated, alone, guilty, hopeless or resentful.

  • Struggling with a strong--willed, challenging or “difficult” child.

  • Unable to find solutions that make a difference.

  • Who experienced a difficult or traumatic childhood.

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Discover ways to connect that build healthy relationships.

Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and.

Faryl, a mom of two boys - ages X and Y, shares her parenting story and the impact of our personalized help.

Why I Created Parenting by Design...

"I'm a mom that has been where you are right now -- feeling overwhelmed, guilty, ashamed and frustrated.  How could I be successful in other areas of my life but struggle with parenting?

No one trains us for the most difficult job in life -- being a parent. I understand the struggle of having a challenging child, complicated by unhealthy parenting styles I experienced growing up. 

As a Certified Parent Educator with a Masters of Art in Teaching from Brown University, I have experience helping children and families for 30 years. Combined with my real-life experience as a mom, I can help you create extraordinary, lasting change.

This is why I created Parenting by Design: to offer personalized help when parenting is really hard."

Laine Lipsky, 

Masters of Art in Teaching &

Certified Parent Educator

Laine Lipsky, parenting educator, standing in picture with her husband and kids.

"I'm a mom and wife who truly understands that parenting can be really hard."

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Rediscover joy together by building new habits 

Practical Advice,
Proven by Research,
Designed for Lasting Change

  • Learn to be the parent you want to be -- instead of the parent you promised not to be.

  • Discover better ways to resolve conflict in place of arguing.

  • Gain cooperation without bribing, shaming or nagging. 

  • Be calm instead of yelling or threatening.

  • Replace frustration with patience and empathy.

  • Help your child find positive ways to express themselves without rage and defiance.

Tailored Programs & Services:
What We Offer

Small Group +
One-on-One Guidance

All-inclusive, interactive group and private sessions.

Ask questions answered by experts and participate in specialized training.

Group feature parenting Q&A and 

Be supported by parents with similar challenges.

Private, -- for 12 weeks.

Advanced Group Guidance

Created for parents who have completed our one-on-one or small group programs.

Strengthen parenting skills with tailored Q&A sessions and advanced subject expert training -- in small groups.

Build relationships and learn from other parents.

One hour each Wednesday --- for 12 weeks.

One-on-One Guidance

Confidential, private help by a parenting expert

Achieve rapid progress in your parenting goals.

Tailored advice for your unique circumstances

Customized lessons with practical tips & tools

One hour each week -- for 12 weeks

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