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The training was customized to my situation. It made an extraordinary difference in my parenting and relationship with my son. Truly life-changing.
Single, full-time  dad of 12 year old boy

Tailored Guidance
Designed for Overwhelmed Parents:

  • Feeling frustrated, alone, guilty, hopeless or resentful.

  • Struggling with a strong-willed, challenging or “difficult” child.

  • Unable to find solutions that make a difference.

  • Who experienced a difficult or traumatic childhood.

  • In all types of families, with children ages 3 to 15.


 . . .  I feel a huge sense of accomplishment . . .

It all adds up to something so beautiful at the end . . .

Mom of two boys,

ages 10 and 12


Practical Advice,
Proven by Research,
Designed for Lasting Change

  • Learn to be the parent you want to be, instead of the parent you promised not to be.

  • Discover better ways to resolve conflict in place of arguing.

  • Gain cooperation without bribing, shaming or nagging. 

  • Be calm instead of yelling or threatening.

  • Replace frustration with patience and empathy.

  • Help your child find positive ways to express themselves without rage and defiance.

What Inspired Me to Create
Parenting by Design . . .

I'm a mom that has been where you are right now -- feeling overwhelmed, guilty and frustrated. 

No one trains us for the most difficult job in life: being a parent. I personally understand the struggle of having a difficult childhood, complicated by unhealthy parenting styles growing up. 

As a Certified Parent Educator with a Masters of Art in Teaching from Brown University, I have the privilege working with a lot of children and families.


My professional experience, combined with being a mom and an elite athlete, helped me realize each of us needs personalized help. We need coaching from a variety of specialities to conquer our challenges. 

This inspired me to create Parenting by Design. Based on your unique needs, we design customized training by experts using proven research. 

Our time as parents is limited but our impact lasts a lifetime. I'm excited to help you. Let's get started!

With much love,

All-Inclusive Guidance

  • One-on-one private help
    +  small group parenting sessions
    + specialty expert training.

  • Ask questions answered by experts.

  • Be supported by caring parents with similar challenges

  • Customized assignments and lessons with practical tips & tools

  • Three 60-minute sessions via Zoom each week, for 12 weeks

One-on-One Guidance

  • Confidential, private help by a parenting expert

  • Achieve rapid progress in your parenting goals

  • Tailored advice for your unique circumstances

  • Customized assignments and lessons with practical tips & tools

  • One 90-minute session via Zoom  each week, for 12 weeks

Parenting by Design
Tailored Programs

We are passionate about helping you quickly create a happier and more peaceful family life.

In partnership with parents, we designed two accelerated programs to achieve sustainable change. With dedication, you'll start seeing a difference in the first three weeks.  

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