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Updated: May 10, 2022


Overview of Parenting by Design

About Parenting by Design

Our Mission, Goals for You & Promise to You

Types of Families We Help

About Us >

Story Behind Parenting by Design & Our Tailored Approach

About Laine Lipsky
Story & Tailored Approach >

Discuss Your Situation with Our Lead Educator
Complimentary Support Session >

My Child Struggles With ... Conditions Directory

View the types of challenges and conditions in children we help parents navigate

My Child Struggles With ... >

All-Inclusive, Personalized Parenting Guidance Program

View details of our tailored help, including private sessions and texting with your instructor.

Our Program

Experts at Parenting by Design

See profiles on our parenting experts and guest expert speakers

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Why Choose Us

View the top 10 reasons we are unique and why our program works

Why Choose Us >

Science & Research Behind Parenting by Design

Overview >

Attachment Theory >

Sports & Performance Training Theory >

​Neuroscience​ >

Psychology​ >

Human Development >

Parent Reviews

Discover how our program has changed the lives of families
Reviews >

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